NGOPILOTONG.COM,  -  TR Fahsul Falah, the Acting Regent of Sinjai, took the time to visit the Class IIB Religious Court in Sinjai, located on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, on Monday morning (October 9th). This visit marked his first visit since being sworn in as the Acting Regent of Sinjai on September 26th, 2023.

During the visit, TR emphasized the importance of collaboration with the Religious Court, which serves as a partner for the local government in implementing programs related to institutionalization and partnership in providing legal services to seekers of justice.

"I am here today for a visit and to strengthen our collaboration with the Religious Court in Sinjai. We aim to discuss issues and problems that occur in Sinjai Regency, as well as improve legal services for the community. Alhamdulillah, we were warmly welcomed by the Chairperson and her team," he stated.

TR also highlighted the need to enhance synergy across sectors to effectively address the problems that occur in Sinjai Regency. One specific issue that needs attention is the high number of cases related to the validation of marriages (Isbath Nikah), which currently stands at 3,905 cases. TR emphasized the importance of working together with the Religious Court to reduce this number, especially in the districts of Sinjai Utara and Sinjai Timur.

"In these two districts, we have seen a high number of Isbath Nikah cases. This becomes a challenge for us in the future, and we need to work closely with the Religious Court to reduce this number," he explained.

The Chairperson of the Class IIB Religious Court in Sinjai, Mudhira, expressed her appreciation for TR's visit, stating that it strengthens the existing synergy and cooperation between the Religious Court and the Sinjai Regency Government.

"With TR's visit today, it further strengthens our synergy with the Sinjai Regency Government. This is essential because we cannot work alone and we rely on the cooperation with various government institutions to provide services to the people of Sinjai," she explained.