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Technical guidance for risk-based business licensing for entrepreneurs


NGOPILOTONG.COM,  -  The Investment and Integrated One-Stop Service Agency in Sinjai Regency has once again organized a Technical Guidance on Risk-Based Business Licensing for business players in the region. The event lasted for three days and was inaugurated by the Sinjai Regency Secretary, represented by the Assistant for Government and Public Relations, A. Irwansyahrani Yusuf, on Tuesday (3/10/2023) at the Wisma Sanjaya Putra Meeting Hall.

This Bimtek is a collaboration between the Investment and Integrated One-Stop Service Agency in Sinjai Regency and the Indonesian Association of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Sinjai. The activity is specifically held for business players operating in the industrial, trade, cooperative, and micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) sectors.

The Head of the Investment and Integrated One-Stop Service Agency, Lukman Dahlan, stated that the aim of this Bimtek is to enhance the knowledge of business players in managing risk-based business licensing. In recent times, the business licensing process has been made easier with the utilization of Information Technology through the Online Single Submission (OSS) system for licensing legalization.

The Risk-Based Business Licensing Bimtek was attended by 70 participants from various business sectors in Sinjai Regency. They will gain a deeper understanding of the risks associated with business licensing, enabling them to take appropriate mitigation measures. Additionally, participants will also learn about the utilization of the OSS system in the licensing process, allowing them to utilize it effectively.

Business players highly appreciate the organization of this Bimtek as it aims to provide a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of risk-based business licensing. This is considered important to facilitate and streamline the licensing process for business development in Sinjai Regency.

The Investment and Integrated One-Stop Service Agency in Sinjai Regency continues to undertake beneficial initiatives and activities for business players in the region. With the support and excellent services provided by the agency, it is hoped that it will drive economic growth and investment in Sinjai Regency.

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