NGOPILOTONG.COM,  -  The Sinjai Regency Government, in collaboration with the Department of Tourism and Culture of Sinjai Regency, will conduct a culinary innovation and hygiene training as part of efforts to improve the quality of tourism resources and the creative economy in the area. This training will be held from Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023, to October 6th, 2023, at the Meeting Hall of Sinjai Regency.

This activity will be attended by 40 culinary entrepreneurs from 9 districts in Sinjai Regency. The participants of this training are owners of culinary businesses registered as Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. They will be provided with new knowledge and skills in terms of culinary innovation and hygiene.

The training is expected to assist culinary entrepreneurs in facing the increasingly tight competition in the tourism and creative economy sector. The participants will be taught innovative techniques in creating unique and appealing culinary menus for customers. Additionally, they will also be educated about the importance of maintaining cleanliness and health in the food preparation and serving process.

In addition to the training, this activity will also be accompanied by an exhibition of products from all the participants' Enterprises. Through this exhibition, culinary entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to introduce their products to the public. This exhibition is expected to become a forum for them to share experiences, build networks, and expand the market share of their culinary products.

The implementation of this training is one concrete step by the Sinjai Regency Government in supporting the development of the tourism and creative economy sectors in the area. It is hoped that with the improvement of the quality of tourism resources and the creative economy, Sinjai Regency can become more recognized as an attractive tourist destination and also contribute positively to economic growth.

To support the success of this training, the Sinjai Regency Government, together with the Department of Tourism and Culture of Sinjai Regency, will provide guidance and mentoring for the participants after the training concludes. It is expected that with this mentoring, culinary entrepreneurs can maximize the application of the new knowledge and skills they have acquired in their businesses.

Through the implementation of this culinary innovation and hygiene training, the Sinjai Regency Government demonstrates its commitment to developing the tourism and creative economy sectors. Hopefully, this activity can have a positive impact on improving the local economy and introducing the uniqueness of Sinjai's culinary offerings to tourists.